• DataScouting At TechSaloniki #5

    DataScouting is happy to be supporting the TechSaloniki Event, the No1 skill matching event in information technology in Thessaloniki.

    The 5th edition of TechSaloniki will take place this year in a new location, the Warehouse C of the Port of Thessaloniki, from the 5th until the 6th of October.

    As a founding member, DataScouting has been supporting TechSaloniki since day one. This year, DataScouting is not only a Silver Sponsor but also a Key Technology Enabler.

    As a Key Technology Enabler, DataScouting is in charge of the (multiple choice) testing creation system, the digitization process of the test results and the automated grading of the skill matching results.

    Techsaloniki - participants
  • Find your dream job

    More than 35 of the largest companies in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece will be at the TechSaloniki to meet people who are interested in working in the field of information science and offer them working opportunities.

    During the 2-day event, participants will be able to benefit from a very rich programme: workshops

    • presentations from industry experts
    • screenings & skill matching tests
    • job interviews with XXX
    • non-stop networking

    Our advice to candidates is: Come well prepared but at the same time be relaxed and try to get the most out of this really unique event.

    TechSaloniki - Tech future in Thessaloniki
  • DataScouting is looking for a Java Engineer

    In this year’s TechSaloniki, DataScouting is seeking young and talented people, who are passionate about information science and they want to be a part of a strong team, and participate in local, EU and international information science projects.


    • Participate in system design and software architecture processes
    • Maintain existing codebase of our core products
    • Implement and deliver new features in production


    • 1+ year in Java 8+ experience
    • Involved in production-level codebase
    • Solid understanding of Web technologies and APIs
    • Familiarity with microservices-based architecture
    • Familiarity with Spring Framework, JPA, Hibernate, SQL
    • Familiarity with GNU/Linux
    • Highly proficient in spoken and written English
    • Knowledge sharing culture

    Nice to be familiar with:

    • Spring Boot, Java EE, GWT
    • PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ
    • Functional programming concepts
    • Design patterns
    • Frontend web architecture
    • Continuous Integration
    • Agile software development
    You can apply for the position directly at TechSaloniki Job Openings.
    TechSaloniki - DataScouting key technology enablers
  • About DataScouting

    DataScouting is a software research and development company, specialized in creating traditional and online media intelligence and analysis platforms, as well as providing digital convergence services and software solutions for cultural heritage organizations such as libraries, archives and museums. Using Machine Learning technologies such as Optical Character Recognition, Text and Video Analytics, Information Classification and Speech Recognition, DataScouting's platforms automatically augment textual and audiovisual streams, helping you to manage and easily identify content of interest.