DataScouting at the FIBEP World media Intelligence Congress Virtual 2020

  • We are thrilled to be attending the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2020 that will be held virtually from the 17th until the 19th of November.

    This year’s theme will be Media Intelligence through Ecosystem Intelligence, and the program will include a mix of sessions, Super Networking Session, Networking and fun closing activity. Topics will include copyright, the ICCO report, mental health and wellbeing opportunities, technology for the news ecosystem, best practices, and constructive journalism against fake news.

    We will be moderating a session on Wednesday, November 18th. Don't waste this crisis: The mental health and wellbeing opportunities for 2020 and beyond, with speakers Amy McKeown, Strategic health, mental health and wellbeing consultant and Tom Oxley, Bamboo Mental Health.

    The session is moderated by our Sophia Karakeva, Communications and Marketing Executive, and FIBEP Vice President. The session is sponsored by Media:Track.

FIBEP World media Intelligence Congress 2020 - Wednesday

Happy sponsors of

  • We have been a sponsor of FIBEP WMIC since 2014, and we are happy to be sponsoring this year the Copyright session on Tuesday, November 17th.

    The session is about Fundamental right to information: Our future? with speakers Sylvain Justier - Magenta Law Firm and Florence Gaullier - Vercken and Gaullier Law Firm.

    The session is moderated by Christophe Dickés, Global Copyright Director, Kantar Europe, and FIBEP Vice President.

FIBEP World media Intelligence Congress 2020 - DataScouting

Media Intelligence
on the cloud

  • DataScouting’s platforms minimize time and effort needed to search and find actionable information in broadcast, online, print, and social media. Using text analytics and automatic classification, speech and optical character recognition, advertisement, logo and face identification, we help media monitoring companies and organizations streamline their workflow, create a database of media intelligence information and share content.

    What is like to be working with our cloud-based software, the MediaScouting Suite?

    • Technical innovation: instant response, device and location independence, simplify complex processes, easy deployment.
    • Flexibility and user performance: allows users to work remotely, requires minimal involvement from your IT team, performance is monitored, improved manageability.
    • Scalable: upscale your capacity, easier maintenance and support, broad network access, suitable for business continuity, disaster recovery and redundancy, wide geographic reach.
    • Data security: keep data safe and accessible, improved security due to centralization of data.
    • Agility and competitiveness: operate across international borders, social corporate responsibility, on-demand availability, easy outsourcing of process (such as clipping).

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FIBEP World media Intelligence Congress 2020 - Cloud-based Software

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About DataScouting

  • DataScouting is a service provider and software developer for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), specialized in developing innovative solutions for media monitors, PR agencies, publishers, broadcasters, brand owners, and market analysis specialists.

    Using technologies such as Optical Character Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition, Logo Detection, Facial Recognition, and Data Mining, DataScouting's platforms automatically augment textual and audiovisual streams, helping you to manage and easily identify content of interest.

    We are a FIBEP member since 2014.