DataScouting at the AMEC Virtual Global Summit on Measurement 2020

  • DataScouting will be participating at the AMEC Virtual Global Summit on Measurement this year as a sponsor and an exhibitor.

    The AMEC Virtual Global Summit on Measurement is a two-day professional development programme, for attendees from around the world. It is an opportunity to be immersed in best practice of communication measurement and evaluation, including research, analysis and actionable insights from a line-up of international speakers.

    The AMEC Virtual Global Summit will be powered by Intrado Studio.

AMEC Virtual 2020 Proud Sponsor

Top reasons why to visit our virtual booth

  • This year, the AMEC Summit embraces technology and delegates will explore best practices across the communications funnel including innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    DataScouting is a research and software development company, specialized in media monitoring solutions for communicators.

    Our platforms minimize time and effort needed to search and find actionable information in broadcast, online, social media, and print media. Using text analytics and automatic classification, speech and optical character recognition, advertisement, logo and face identification, we help media monitoring companies and organizations streamline their workflow, create a database of media intelligence information and share content.

    Augment your media intelligence operations with our MediaScouting Suites:

    • News Insight: identify relevant news quickly and with minimum effort
    • Ad monitoring: track and annotate new advertisements
    • Data augmentation: logo and face recognition, machine translation
    • Dashboard: multi-platform content delivery

    And there is more we can talk about, so visit our booth and let us discuss your needs. We will demonstrate how you can stream-line your news and advertisement media monitoring workflow using our MediaScouting platforms.


DataScouting Virtual Booth

AMEC Awards 2020 Virtual Ceremony

  • We are proud of our Chief Information Officer, Stavros Doropoulos, for being shortlisted for the Young Professional of the Year special award.

    The nomination of Stavros reflects the immense value that he brings to DataScouting with his dedication and passion for technology, enabling us to become more agile, streamlined and flexible. He serves as a role model for others in our team, personally and professionally. His ethics and high moral standards have made him highly respected among clients and partners, while he is well accepted by industry experts and professionals.

AMEC Virtual 2020 Proud Sponsor

Post AMEC Summit sessions

  • After the AMEC Summit stay tuned as DataScouting will be hosting:

    • A special session on the 29th of September about DeepFinance - How augmented media monitoring streams can help in automated financial decision making.
    • A webinar about Artificial Intelligence-transforming media to intelligent media, during Measurement Month.
    • Will head a HIVE. The HIVE is a grouping that will start to be put together after the Summit. AMEC will develop hypothesis, based on summit sessions and delegate feedback. Delegates will get to choose their HIVE of interest for an enriched collaboration and networking experience and each HIVE will be given a webinar during Measurement Month to present their dissertation position.